3dMD and Cranial Technologies Together Support a Formal Tribute to the Life and Contributions of Professor Leslie G Farkas

TORONTO – 26 October 2004: 3dMD (www.3dMD.com), the world’s market leader in ultra-fast, high precision 3D surface imaging, and Cranial Technologies (www.cranialtech.com), the leading provider of medical devices used in the treatment of deformational plagiocephaly in infants, today announced their partnership in celebrating the important contributions Professor Leslie G Farkas has made in the study of anthropometry and medicine during his lifetime. Dr Farkas, his wife Susan, and a small group of his colleagues and students attended the private affair at the historic Windsor Arms Hotel, while those who were unable to make the celebration sent their sincerest appreciation for the contribution he has made to their career on video. The evening was organized by the Society of Craniofacial Morphometry.

“This remarkable gentleman showed me how to break the curse of Kelvin and how to study facial growth in the fourth dimension. My operations would never again be done just by eye, but by numbers,” said John Mulliken MD, Director of the Craniofacial Centre at Children’s Hospital of Boston. “I am privileged to share in the celebration of your major contributions to children with craniofacial anomalies… And I know you will never let retirement interfere with your work.”

In a videotaped tribute to Dr. Farkas, Tim Littlefield, Vice President of Cranial Technologies, said: “we are honored to have this opportunity to express our gratitude for the significant body of work that is the foundation for much of our accomplishments.” And he added “to paraphrase Sir Isaac Newton, who said that his achievements were only possible because he stood on the shoulders of giants, we are privileged to acknowledge that Dr. Farkas’ achievements have provided the broad shoulders for many of us to stand on.”

“In addition to his own prolific publications, Dr Farkas is referenced in hundreds of research papers, his vision and lifework has been the foundation of many important discoveries,” said Chris Lane, 3dMD’s CEO. “This rich base of knowledge will continue to evolve as new technologies and research emerge for the classification of the 3-dimensional human form.”

The evening ended with Professor Farkas being presented with an original portrait painted by his close friend and colleague Marko Katic.


About 3dMD
3dMD, a 3Q Technologies company, is pioneering the future of digital patient and security imaging by providing quality 3D surface imaging systems that support clinical practice across surgical specialties and high volume biometric facial recognition initiatives worldwide. Some 3dMD clients include Arizona State University; Bradford Royal Infirmary; Children’s Hospital, Seattle; The Emory Clinic (Atlanta); Harvard Medical School (Children’s Hospital Boston); MD Anderson Cancer Center (Houston, TX); Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory/MERL (Boston, MA); US National Institutes of Health (NIH/NIDCR); University of Notre Dame (Indiana); University of Oklahoma; University of Puerto Rico; University of Tübingen (Germany); University of Washington, Seattle; US Department of Defense; and Walter Reed Army Medical Center. For more information, call +1 770.612.8002 in the US or +44 (0) 208 582 0242 in Europe, or simply send us an email to info@3dMD.com.

About Cranial Technologies
Cranial Technologies is the leading provider of medical devices used in the treatment of positional head molding (deformational plagiocephaly) in infants. Founded in 1986, it is the only company in the world dedicated to the treatment of infants with positional plagiocephaly. With twenty treatment facilities in the U.S. and abroad, more than 20,000 babies have received treatment with their product, the DOC Band® which was the first device to be cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and is the only device with clinical studies demonstrating safety and effectiveness. “Our purpose is to provide a superior product, service, and the best possible outcome for every child with an abnormal head shape,” said Tim Littlefield. For more information: www.cranialtech.com or +1 866.362.2263.


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