3dMDtrio System

The multi-purpose 3dMDtrio System non-invasively captures high-precision 3D facial and torso images in a compact footprint for use in a clinic or private practice. Engineered with medical-grade machine vision cameras, all 3dMD systems are designed for a long-life, generating repeatable, quality-oriented results 24/7 in high-throughput environments.

For example, the 3dMDtrio System was placed in The Science Museum, London by clinical teams from Great Ormond Street Hospital, University College Hospital, and Eastman Dental Hospital with the goal of building the world’s largest database of 3D facial images for research into face shape patterns. In this public forum, the 3dMDtrio easily achieved throughputs of 350 or more children per day with informed consent.

In contrast to systems architected on inexpensive SLR cameras, 3dMD systems capture the entire anatomical surface in ~1.5 milliseconds to eliminate motion and correction artifacts unavoidably generated with the inaccuracy of SLR cameras, which is the technology’s fundamental inability to tightly synchronize. Once you position your patient in front of the 3dMDtrio System, all necessary information is captured in one easy click, enabling your patients to maintain a sense of modesty during the quick documentation process.

While designed for supporting face procedures and breast augmentation, the 3dMDtrio System can be easily upgraded to the 3dMDquattro configuration to support an even wider variety of anatomic capture options such as breast reduction or body contouring.

  • Capture Speed: ~1.5 milliseconds
  • Subject capture: 200-degree full face and torso
  • Configuration: Three modular units of industrial machine vision cameras
  • Geometry Accuracy: <0.2mm RMS or better depending on mode