3dMDvultus Software

3dMDvultus Software…Applying 3D Image Fusion

With the 3dMDvultus Software Platform, 3dMD has taken a fresh approach to building its healthcare-focused 3D imaging application software. Developed from the ground up without using restrictive toolkits, 3dMDvultus provides users with a rich, easy-to-use, 3D patient treatment visualization platform built on an industrial strength communication platform. Exploiting the principle of Image Fusion, 3dMDvultus fuses the 3dMD surface with the CT/CBCT/digitized dental study models to present information to assess patient treatment options where it is easy to support the review of the patient condition, and then plan and simulate possible treatment and surgery, monitor images of progress and make evaluations of outcomes. Securely synchronized by a powerful multi-user database system, 3dMDvultus tracks the patient’s imaging history throughout the treatment cycle for all team members to access at any point in time.

Multi-Modal Image Visualization

  • Smooth, real-time 3D volumetric and cross-sectional (MPV) visualization
  • Easy re-orientation of patient’s CBCT/CT image
  • Save re-orientation as positional foundation for assessing treatment planning options
  • Registration of patient images – 3dMD/CT/CBCT
  • Integrated, multi-user image database

Patient Condition Assessment

  • Skeletal & 3dMD surface measurement (distance/ angle)
  • Advanced volume calculations
  • Support symmetry assessment
  • Sophisticated 3D landmarking & 3D ceph tracing systems
  • Generation of simulated 2D X-rays, photographs, and panoramic radiographs
  • Airway volume measurement
  • Airway cross section and pathway analysis

Outcomes Evaluation

  • Pre- and post-treatment/surgery superimposition
  • Quantitative evaluation of surface and volumetric change
  • Comparison to normative data throughout the treatment cycle
  • Creation of new normative models

Facial Simulation

  • Automate segmentation of the anatomic components – i.e. mandible, teeth, airway, etc.
  • Craniofacial & dental component fusion with established biomechanical properties
  • Dense springs-based outcome simulation model animates the possible dynamics of soft tissue deformation – based on the work of Stephen Schendel, DDS, MD
  • Intuitive cutting tools
  • Support for virtual surgery/treatment rehearsal

Sleep Disorder (OSA) Simulation

  • Automated 3-Dimensional Airway Analysis from Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Data” (Schendel and Hatcher) in the Journal of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Volume 68, Issue 3, Pages 696-701, 2010. The study was designed to determine the accuracy and precision of the 3dMDvultus Software using an airway phantom in different orientations as a test standard.
  • Interactive support for the assessment of surgical and dental treatment planning options

Integrated Treatment Management database

  • Stores and links all relevant 3D information and relevant documentation
  • Allows full team access to treatment plan workups
  • Records alternative treatment plan workups
  • Collects and identifies data to compare outcome information
  • Directly interfaces to image capture devices and patient information databases

Community-Centric Environment

  • Online software updates
  • Access to information repositories
  • Encourages local and networked referrals
  • Permits virtual rehearsal

Above all 3dMD represents a moderated, continually growing repository of information and knowledge that securely brings clinicians and dental professionals together… at every level from a patient-centric perspective. When you join the 3dMD community you are investing in a powerful platform to support treatment and communications that will serve you and your patients long into the future.

To purchase 3dMDvultus, call North America & Asia Pacific operations at +1 770.612.8002,  or reach our Europe, Middle East & Africa operations
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