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Torso Imager

3dMD introduces its 3dMDtorso System, a 3-D imager. The 3dMDtorso System is designed to help plastic surgeons communicate visually in a 3-D environment with patients. In addition, the 3dMDtorso System will provide the plastic surgeon with surface and volume measurement data needed for the actual breast procedure.

A noninvasive device, the 3dMDtorso System is designed to project a random light pattern on the patient and capture the subject with synchronized digital cameras set at various angles. The 3-D surface geometry and texture of the patient are acquired simultaneously through mathematical calculations.

The system’s breast analysis software then utilizes the patient’s 3-D data set to help the physician communicate outcome possibilities to the patient by morphing or sculpting the breast size to view the effects of enlargement or reduction. The physician is also able to make better decisions by providing breast surface and volume measurement.

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