3dMD Applications

With a proven customer track record in leading teaching hospitals; corporate and educational research institutes; and government agencies worldwide, 3dMD is the world leader in the development of anatomically-precise 3D and “temporal-3D” (4D) surface imaging systems and sophisticated software required to support serious applications in healthcare, biometrics, ergonomic, human factor, research, and size and fit.



With more than 1,500 3dMD units in use by customers across the globe, 3dMD is the most widely used 3D surface imaging system worldwide with an outstanding reputation for 3D image precision, ultra-fast speed of capture, and system reliability over time. We are very proud that 3dMD is now considered a benchmark imaging technology in the fields of specialized dentistry, OMS, and reconstructive plastics, as well as team-based intervention to address head and neck conditions.

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Based on 3dMD pioneering a 3D surface imaging technology with anatomical integrity for clinical application, both corporate and educational research teams have been able to take advantage of 3dMD’s technology to advance their own investigative findings and conclusions. Types of research teams using 3dMD include anthropology, biometrics, computer vision, ergonomic, human factor, product engineering, psychology, as well as others.

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Size & Fit / Human Factors

With a mature 3D technology designed specifically for high-precision anatomical capture, 3dMD is well positioned to assist manufacturers and retailers with upcoming product offerings that feature customized 3D-printed wearables. Whether it is producing well-functioning safety gear, developing a better fitting shoe or glove, improving performance sportswear and uniforms, or designing seats that improve comfort, 3dMD captures the individual consumer’s dynamics and anatomical 3D shape and size image precisely and economically. 3dMD also ensures workflow efficiencies that optimize the Episode of Encounter per consumer in high-throughput environments to maximize revenue for personalized, custom items.

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Customer Research Activities

3dMD Products

With a proven customer record of more than 1,500 3D cameras worldwide, 3dMD high-precision 3D and temporal-3D (4D) surface acquisition systems have an outstanding reputation for anatomical 3D accuracy, ultra-fast capture speed, and reliability throughout the duration of mission critical projects.

  • 3dMDface & 3dMDtrio Systems

  • 3dMDhead System

  • 3dMDtorso & 3dMDthorax System

  • 3dMDflex System

  • 3dMDbody System

  • 3dMDhand/foot System

  • 3dMDdynamic Face System

  • 3dMDdynamic Body System

About Us

In contrast to most 3D scanning technologies that were originally designed to scan inanimate objects for reverse engineering application, 3dMD developed its 3D capture technology from the onset to incorporate many different camera viewpoints and achieve ultra-fast capture speeds required to capture human subjects. 3dMD’s unique approach results in a high-precision 3D surface image of a subject’s face, head, torso, limb, thorax, full body, etc. with every click. With 3dMD, hospitals and research institutions can now accurately image even the most restless children non-invasively!


To continue to drive research and clinical advancements by providing the 3dMD customer community with 3D and next-generation temporal-3D (4D) technologies that will ensure the creation of an image database with integrity throughout the project; a very efficient subject workflow for any high throughput environment; a reliable system that will continue to perform over longer periods of time.

Proven Customer Record 

With 1,500 3D cameras globally in leading teaching hospitals; corporate and educational research institutes; and government agencies worldwide, 3dMD is committed to supporting the world’s most forward-thinking clinical and research teams, who continue to push innovations in science and medicine, with our high-precision 3D and temporal-3D (4D) surface acquisition systems , as well as sophisticated 3D analysis and 4D tracking software.

Our Team 

Christopher Lane

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

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Kelly Duncan

Executive Vice President, Sales & Business Development

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Mike Nugent

Vice President, Technical Operations

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