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May 2024Three-dimensional video recordings: Accuracy, reliability, clinical and research guidelines – Reliability assessment of a 4D camera. G Coppola, D Hänggi, G Cassina, C Verna, N Gkantidis, G Kanavakis.Orthodontics and Craniofacial Research; 00:1-10. doi:10.1111/ocr.12808.
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Apr 20243dMD Announces the Next Generation of Downstream Dynamic-4D Image Analysis Software.3dMD Press Release, ACPA 81st Annual Meeting, Denver, CO.
Apr 20243D extraoral morphometric changes after implant surgery: an exploratory pilot study using stereophotogrammetry. P Ercal, E Calciolari, R Patel, et al.Quintessence International (Berlin, Germany : 1985). DOI: 10.3290/j.qi.b5213535. PMID: 38619259.
Jan 2024Next-Generation Custom-Fit Reusable Respiratory Protective Device with Continuous Fit Monitoring. S Park, Y Tian, M Bergman, Dr. Ziqing Zhuang, J Pollard, S Jayaraman.International Society for Respiratory Protection (ICRP) Conference 2022 -Submission ID: 123.
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Aug 2023NIOSH’s “Respirator Fit Evaluation” Challenge... A Phase 1 Winner. S Jayaraman, S Park.“Respirator Fit Evaluation” Challenge
Aug 2023A novel technique for implant-supported fixed complete rehabilitation based on a dynamic virtual patient. J Wang, YL Wu, J Ma, F Wu, DH Li.Journal of Dentistry, ONLINE
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Jun 2023Avatar Farms of Medical/Military-Grade, Digital-3D Doppelgangers.2023 AWE, Santa Clara, CA, USA
May 20233dMD Announces a Non-Invasive, Pre- and Post-Operative 3D Head Evaluation Software Tool for Children with Craniosynostosis.3dMD Press Release, ACPA 80th Annual Meeting, Raleigh, NC.
Apr 2023Initial Steps towards a Multilevel Functional Principal Components Analysis Model of Dynamical Shape Changes. DJJ Farnell, P Claes.Journal of Imaging. 9(4):86.
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