Date: June 2023
Source: 2023 AWE, Santa Clara, CA, USA.
Presenters: Chris Lane and Kelly Duncan.

Abstract: With a proven 20-plus year customer track record of daily use in mission critical health and military applications globally, 3dMD’s dynamic-4D capture systems are providing the same ‘near-ground truth’ 3D images and high-throughput workflows to its tech sector customers. 3dMD captures natural human actions, behaviors, gestures, nuances, etc., thus personalizing ‘ground-truth’ people into ‘near-ground truth’ digital-3D interpretation input for Web3.0. This talk explores the true economic benefits of baselining with a ‘near-ground truth’ digital-3D Doppelganger population and how this can create derivative avatar market opportunities beyond gaming, entertainment, and social media interactions.

Title: Avatar Farms of Medical/Military-Grade, Digital-3D Doppelgangers.