Date: June 2022.
Source: 2022 AWE, Santa Clara, CA, USA.
Presenters: Chris Lane and Kelly Duncan.
Abstract: With a proven 20-plus year track record in providing clinical-grade ‘near-ground truth’ 3D surface imaging systems to children’s (and teaching) hospitals and research institutions worldwide, 3dMD is now providing the same ‘near-ground truth,’ high-throughput, dynamic-4D capture systems to its tech sector customers to compete in the race to build and shape the metaverse. Dynamic anatomical-3D precision is mandatory for medical applications. It is equally key in creating and sustaining a lifelike, comprehending, and comfortable metaverse experience. This presentation will focus on how 3dMD provides an efficient image capture workflow tool for XR/VR/AR, Computer Vision, AI, Machine Learning, and Human Factors teams to personalize natural human actions, behaviors, gestures, nuances, etc. into digital media interpretation input that will persistently train, wear, and populate the metaverse.

Title: From Healthcare to Training, Wearing, and Populating the Metaverse.