Date: February 2014.
Source: International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology. Volume 70, Issue 9-12, pp 2043–2049.
Abstract:  In this study, a new 3D colour image reproduction system is proposed for the automated and accurate additive manufacturing of soft tissue facial prostheses. A framework of 3D colour image reproduction was defined and a protocol for each sub-process was developed for this specific application. Colour management processes were developed and integrated into the proposed 3D image reproduction system; colour profiles for both the 3dMD photogrammetry system and the Z Corp Z510 3D printer were established utilising conventional colour reproduction techniques for 2D images. The soft tissue prototypes of both nose and ear prostheses were produced using the proposed system. The quality of prostheses was evaluated. The results show that the protocol used in the 3D manufacturing process was capable of producing accurate skin colour with fine textures and 3D shape, with significant savings in both time and cost.
Article: Developing a 3D colour image reproduction system for additive manufacturing of facial prostheses.
Authors: K Xiao, F Zardawi, R van Noort, JM Yates.