3dMD’s natural software evolution from legacy static-3D image analysis to more sophisticated dynamic-4D image analysis, landmark detection, and feature tracking capabilities.

For Immediate Release

DENVER, USA – April 10, 2024: 3dMD is proud to announce the latest version of 3dMDtempus™ Head Analysis software for dynamic-4D craniofacial image analysis at the American Cleft Palate Craniofacial Association’s (ACPA) 81st Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado.

To date, 3dMD’s advanced automatic landmark detection and feature tracking has excelled at detecting features of normative subjects. To take 3dMD’s dynamic-4D imaging system output to a new level for clinical teams analyzing more challenging patient conditions, the latest 3dMDtempus software release incorporates direct user feedback into the landmark detection, feature tracking, and normalized 3D mask creation using a single subject intuitive workflow or batch functionality. Clinical teams now have greater input at each step of the detection workflow by placing difficult-to-detect landmarks at will, after which the advanced 3dMD feature tracking algorithms takes the user input and intelligently tracks features across sequences of 3dMD data.

“With a proven track record of providing downstream static-3D analysis software to clinical teams globally since 2007, it was a natural evolution for 3dMD to go from software that analyzes a single 3dMD images to a more sophisticated software that analyzes and tracks features across a progressive sequence of 3dMD images,” said Kelly Duncan, 3dMD’s EVP and Chief Commercial Officer. “With this latest release, 3dMD continues to demonstrate its commitment to the clinical community by providing the tools that enable users to analyze complex 3D shape changes over time across a wide range of patient condition populations.”

3dMD: For 20-plus years, 3dMD has enabled its worldwide customer community to successfully Train AI, Wear Tech, and Image Health. With a proven clinical background, 3dMD offers industrial-strength temporal-3D (4D-motion) dense-surface camera systems for human subject applications demanding ‘near ground truth’ 3D shape accuracy including healthcare, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, humanoid robotics, wearable-tech, human factors, ergonomics, anthropometrics, AR/VR/XR, etc. With a highly efficient subject workflow suitable for recruiting thousands of subjects, 3dMD supports high-volume head, face, full body, hand, and foot performance capture exercises for many customer innovations from clinical findings and ‘real world’ AI/ML training to groundbreaking design of wearable tech, performance apparel, and efficient ergonomics. 3dMD’s robust technology has supported the findings in hundreds of peer-reviewed investigative research publications by members of the global 3dMD Customer Community.

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