Date: April 2012.
Source: Clinical Otolaryngology; Volume 37, pp 124–129.
Objective: This study evaluates the relation between stoma volumes by means of objective three-dimensional measurements of laryngectomised individuals and peristomal fixation of adhesive baseplates during hands-free speech.
Design: A three-dimensional stereophotogrammetrical image was captured of the tracheostoma and its surrounding tissue for each participant. The placement of a baseplate adhesive was virtually simulated. Individual stoma volumes were calculated and related to the duration of lifetime of adhesive baseplates.
Conclusion: Longer lifetime of the adhesive baseplate in patients with smaller volume outcomes suggests that a more accurate fit between baseplate and stoma leads to better fixation. This should be taken into account when shaping a stoma during laryngectomy. On the other hand, a more custom-made patch that has a more accurate fit could increase the lifetime of fixation. We believe that our three-dimensional volumetric data can contribute to the development of such an adhesive.
Article: Three-dimensional stereophotogrammetrical analysis of peristomal fixation of adhesive base plates during hands-free speech among laryngectomised patients related to tracheostoma volumes.
Authors: R. Dirven, Y. Wouters, R. Vreeken, T.J.J. Maal, H.A.M. Marres.