Date: February 2016 (ONLINE AHEAD OF PRINT).
Source: Angle Orthodontist
Objective: To evaluate three-dimensional (3D) soft tissue facial changes following rapid maxillary expansion (RME) and to compare these changes with an untreated control group.
Materials and Methods: Patients who need RME as a part of their orthodontic treatment were randomly divided into two groups of 17 patients each. Eligibility criteria included having maxillary transverse deficiency with crossbite, and to be in the normal range according to body mass index. In the first group (mean age  =  13.4 ± 1.2 years), expansion was performed. The second group received no treatment initially and served as untreated control (mean age  =  12.8 ± 1.3 years). Skeletal and soft tissue changes were evaluated using posteroanterior cephalograms and 3-D facial images from 3dMD. The primary outcome of this study was to assess the soft tissue changes. The secondary outcomes were evaluation hard tissue and soft tissue relations. Randomization was done with pre-prepared random number tables. Blinding was applicable for outcome assessment only. MANOVA, t-test, and correlation analyses were used (P=0.05).
Results: In both groups, there was a general trend of increase for the transverse skeletal measurements, but these increases were more limited in the control group. Alar base width was greater in the treatment group (P=0.002). Pogonion soft tissue point (P=0.022) was located more posteriorly in the expansion group compared with the control group.
Conclusions: Soft tissue changes between groups were similar, except for the alar base, which became wider in the treatment group. Weak correlations were found between the skeletal and soft tissue changes.
Article: Facial soft-tissue changes after rapid maxillary expansion analyzed with 3-dimensional stereophotogrammetry: A randomized, controlled clinical trial.
Authors: Asli Baysal, Mehmet Ali Ozturk, Ahmet Oguz Sahan, Tancan Uysal, İzmir Katip Celebi Üniversitesi, Dişhekimliği Fakültesi, Ortodonti A.D., İzmir, 35640 Turkey.