Date: November 2011.
Source: 3D: Fusion, Sculpting, Imaging Systems. Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics of North America. Volume 19, Issue 4, Pages 577-590.
Abstract: This article presents a comprehensive overview of generating a digital Patient-Specific Anatomic Reconstruction (PSAR) model of the craniofacial complex as the foundation for a more objective surgical planning platform. The technique explores fusing the patient’s 3D radiograph with the corresponding high-precision 3D surface image within a biomechanical context. As taking 3D radiographs has been common practice for many years, this article describes various approaches to 3D surface imaging and the importance of achieving high-precision anatomical results to simulate surgical outcomes that can be measured and quantified. With the PSAR model readily available for facial assessment and virtual surgery, the advantages of this surgical planning technique are discussed.

Article: Image Fusion in Preoperative Planning.
Authors: Stephen A Schendel, MD, DDS, Kelly S Duncan, BA, Christopher Lane.