Date: April 2016
Source: British Journal of Medicine & Medical Research 15(2): 1-11, Article no. BJMMR.25350.
Abstract: 3D analysis allows for simulation of orthognathic surgery and prediction of aesthetic and functional outcomes. Our study aims to find common and repeatable parameters on the behaviour of soft tissues following bone movement by pre- and post-treatment by photogrammetric analysis. Three representative patients who underwent bimaxillary surgery of advancement/retrusion of the jaws for correction of class III dento-skeletal malformation were presented. By overlapping pre-operative and post-operative 3D photos we obtained colour and millimetric maps that allowed the objective appreciation of facial soft tissues modification in all planes of the space after orthognathic surgery.
Article: Evaluation of Soft Tissue Profile Change Following Bi-maxillary Surgery in Dento-skeletal Class III by Photogrammetric Analysis.
Authors: Andrea Torroni, Giulio Gasparini, Alessandro Moro, Gianmarco Saponaro, Enrico Foresta, Paolo De Angelis, Daniele Cervelli, Camillo Azzuni, Roberto Boniello, Luca Pallottini, Anna Borelli, Giulia Jafari, Sandro Pelo, Roberto Deli, and Giuliana Longo, Catholic University Medical School, Rome, Italy.