Date: November 2015.
Source: Aesthetic Surgery Journal.
Background: Improved results with aesthetic fat augmentation of the face have been recently described by the concomitant use of autologous stem cells from the stromal vascular fraction (SVF).
Objective: There are no studies in the literature regarding facial fat augmentation results with the use of SVF using 3D computer volumetric analyses. This prospective study was thus undertaken to answer this question.
Methods: Fat was harvested by a standard liposuction technique for reinjection. A 50 cc aliquot of fat was also processed to obtain the SVF using a standard collagenase technique. A cell count was done using a cytometer, and the amount of injected fat and cells were recorded. The 3dMD photogrammetric scanning system was used to scan the face pre- and post treatment and long-term, and volume changes were then calculated at the different time intervals. The data was then correlated to the variables.
Results: Ten subjects were included in the study, with an average follow-up of 12.6 months. The average amount of fat injected was 18.4 cc, of which 68% was retained. The average cell count of the SVF was 4.8 × 105. The amount of retained fat by volume was found to be positively correlated to the number of cells in the SVF. There was no correlation between the age and number of cells in the SVF.
Conclusions: There is a correlation between the number of cells in the SVF and the amount of fat retained.
Article: Enriched Autologous Facial Fat Grafts in Aesthetic Surgery: 3D Volumetric Results.
Authors: Stephen A. Schendel.