Date: September 2008.
Source: Biometrics: Theory, Applications and Systems, 2008. BTAS 2008. 2nd IEEE International Conference; pp 1-6.
Abstract: The human face has been so far mainly seen as a physiological biometric and very little work has been done to exploit the idiosyncrasies of facial gestures for person identification. This study proposes a markerless method to capture 3D facial motions, and investigates a number of pattern matching techniques which operate accurately on very short facial actions. Qualitative and quantitative evaluations are performed for both the face identification and the face verification problems. The emphasis is placed on designing a system which is not only accurate but also usable in a real-life scenario.

Article: 3D Facial Gestures in Biometrics: from Feasibility Study to Application.
Authors: Lanthao Benedikt, Darren Cosker, Paul L Rosin, and David Marshall.