Date: October 2014.
Source: 3D Body Scanning Conference 2014, Lugano, Switzerland.
Abstract: Facial biometrics as an objective, accurate, living parts measurement methodology, is widely used in assisting diagnose and treatment plan within the practice of medicine and dentistry. It is particularly popular that the quantification of changes before and after a clinical intervention. However the measurement accuracy of volumetric changes over consecutive 3D images has remained as a challenge to date. This paper reports one approach that uses the facial features within the facial images as the reference frame for consecutive comparisons, a template of region of interest as a fixed window for volume measurement and a disposable gage for facial posture control, to achieve precise volumetric measurements over consecutive facial scans. The errors of proposed the approach was evaluated and the reproducibility when using such an approach was found less than 1% with a real case.
Presentation: Establishment of Reference Frame for Sequential Facial Biometrics.
Authors: L. Zou, P. Hao, M. McCarthy.