Date: September 2015.
Source: 8th International Orthodontic Congress 2015, London.
Aim: To evaluate facial soft tissue changes in Class III skeletal Chinese patients who have undergone orthognathic surgery.
Objective. To determine if there is a correlation between hard and soft tissue movement after orthognathic surgery.
Study Design: This is a retrospective study involving 15 Chinese patients with Class III skeletal relationship who received orthognathic surgery from 1st of September 2011 to 30th June 2012 in NDCS with complete records in the dento-facial deformity registry. The data used were derived from clinical notes, 3dMD images and lateral cephalometric radiographs.
Analysis of Records. The multiple point landmarkings on the lateral cephlometric radiograph and stereophotogrammetry were done by a single clinician (Dr Jason Su). Linear correlation was made between soft and hard tissue movements.
Soft Tissue Changes. The 3dMDvultus software was used to evaluate 3D soft tissue changes. 20 anthropometric points were chosen to assess the soft tissue changes. Superimposition between pre-surgical and post-surgical records was done.
Results: Correlation was done between soft and hard tissue movements with corresponding points on the mid-sagittal plane obtained for the stereophotogrammetric and lateral cephalometric reading respectively. Spearman’s correlation coefficient was used to evaluate the relationships between hard and soft tissues movements after bi-maxillary orthognathic surgery. The measurements show the correlation between mid-sagittal points and para-sagittal soft tissue points movement to hard tissue movement respectively. A positive linear correlation was found between 5 mandibular soft and hard tissue movements in the antero-posterior direction. There was no linear correlation found between soft and hard tissue movements in the maxilla.
Article: Evaluating 3-Dimensional Soft Tissue Changes in Class III Chinese Patients after Orthognathic Surgery.
Authors: Dr Su JianXiang Jason, Dr Mimi Yow, Dr Chew Ming-Tak, Ms Wong Hung Chew, National Dental Centre Singapore.