Date: October 2022.
Source: IUPUI ScholarWorks.
Abstract: Maxillofacial silicone elastomer prostheses are used to replace facial features congenitally absent, surgically removed due to disease, or lost because of trauma. Traditional prosthetic fabrication (impression, wax-up, mold fabrication, and silicone processing) can be streamlined using digital scanning, and computer-assisted design and manufacturing. The purpose of this report is to improve traditional facial prosthetic workflow using facial scanning, digital prosthetic design, and 3-dimensional printing technology. In this clinical case report, we present two design and fabrication protocols for mandibulectomy prosthesis: traditional versus digital modeling and 3D printing.

Article: Mandibulectomy Prosthetic Case Report: Comparison of Traditional and Digital Fabrication Methods with 3dMDface Scanning, Digital Sculpting, and 3-Dimensional Printing.
Authors: Travis Bellichi, Cade BT Jacobs, Zebulun M Wood, Nasser Al-Qahtani, Nicole Alderson, Jeff Rogers, Stephen P Haug, John A Levon.