Date: June 2021.
Source: International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education, DOI: 10.1080/17543266.2021.1938699.
Abstract: Physical activity can lead to the displacement of the female breasts causing psychological and physical discomfort or even breast pain. It is suggested for all exercising females to protect the breasts with additional support and restriction against displacement. The purpose of this research was to introduce the use of 4D scanning technology to understand breast shape in motion. Twenty-six female participants who identified themselves as wearing Missy Size 18 were recruited for scanning. Three most common bust measurements were tracked in dynamic states and compared with the static state. The results of this study can benefit product development of female wearable products that require a high degree of fit and mobility at the upper torso. In addition, a protocol to handle and analyse 4D data for application in product design was developed to inform future research. The promises and challenges of the 4D body scanning technology were also discussed.

Article: An exploratory study of bust measurements during running using 4D scanning technology.
Authors: Jie Pei, Linsey Griffin, Susan P Ashdown, Jintu Fan, Bethany Juhnke, Christopher Curry.