Date: December 2022.
Source: Ergonomics, DOI: 10.1080/00140139.2022.2154395.
Abstract: Comfortable and well-fitting bras are necessary for good quality of life but hard to find for women who undergo reconstruction after breast cancer treatment. This study aimed to provide data to inform bra designs for breast cancer survivors. We measured anatomical distances used in bra design on 3D clinical photographs of patients who underwent unilateral and bilateral implant-based reconstruction to quantify changes after reconstruction relative to the measured values before the person underwent surgery. We performed additional assessments of symmetry before surgery and after reconstruction, and we used regression analyses to identify associations between the measurements and patient characteristics, such as BMI. Overall, almost all measurements changed significantly in implant-based reconstructed breasts relative to native breasts. We highlight several aspects of ergonomic bra design that will be impacted by the changes in anatomical distances.
Practitioner summary: Implant-based breast reconstruction surgery changes the breast so that off-the-rack bras are inadequate. This study provides designers with measurement data from women who underwent implant-based reconstruction to inform bra designs for this population. The key factor designers need to account for is the semi-spherical shape of the reconstructed breast.

Article: Impact of implant-based breast reconstruction on bra fit.
Authors: Krista M Nicklaus, Yen-Tung Liu, Chi Liu, Jevon Chu, Eloise Jewett, Karen Bravo, Mary Catherine Bordes, Jun Liu, Gregory P Reece, Summer E Hanson, Fatima Merchant, Mia K Markey. Department of Plastic Surgery, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, USA.