Date: December 2022.
Source: Aesthetic Surgery Journal Open Forum, Volume 5, 2023, ojac090,
Background: Satisfaction with the breast aesthetic outcome is an expectation of breast reconstruction surgery, which is an integral part of cancer treatment for many patients. We evaluated postreconstruction breast symmetry in 82 female patients using distance and volume measurements.
Objective: Clinical factors, such as reconstruction type (implant-based and autologous reconstruction), laterality, timing of reconstruction (immediate, delayed, and sequential), radiation therapy (RT), and demographic factors (age, BMI, race, and ethnicity), were evaluated as predictors of postoperative symmetry. Matched preoperative and postoperative measurements for a subset of 46 patients were used to assess correlation between preoperative and postoperative symmetry.
Methods: We used standardized differences between the left and right breasts for the sternal notch to lowest visible point distance and breast volume as metrics for breast, positional symmetry, and volume symmetry, respectively. We performed statistical tests to compare symmetry between subgroups of patients based on reconstruction type, laterality, timing, RT, and demographics.
Results: Overall, reconstruction type, reconstruction timing, and RT were observed to be factors significantly associated with postoperative symmetry, with implant reconstructions and immediate reconstruction procedures, and no RT showing better postoperative breast volume symmetry. Subgroup analyses, for both reconstruction type and laterality, showed superior volume symmetry for the bilateral implant reconstructions. No correlation was observed between preoperative and postoperative breast symmetry. Demographic factors were not significant predictors of postreconstruction symmetry.
Conclusions: This comprehensive analysis examines multiple clinical factors in a single study and will help both patients and surgeons make informed decisions about reconstruction options at their disposal.

Article: Objective Analysis of Breast Symmetry in Female Patients Undergoing Breast Reconstruction After Total Mastectomy.
Authors: Urmila Sampathkumar, MS, Thao Bui, MS, Jun Liu, PhD, Zhale Nowroolizarki, MS, Mary Catherine Bordes, BS, Summer E Hanson, MD, PhD, FACS, Gregory P Reece, MD, FACS, Mia K Markey, PhD, Fatima A Merchant, PhD. Department of Plastic Surgery, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, USA.