Date: September 2015.
Source: 8th International Orthodontic Congress 2015, London.
Study Aim: To evaluate the possible soft tissue changes after the debonding of orthodontic fixed attachments using the 3dMDface System (3dMD, Atlanta).
Method: Three dimensional images of 20 subjects were taken in natural head position before and after the debonding procedure with the 3dMD system. 10 images were repeated for reliability assessment. Changes of lip position between pre-bonding were analysed with the 3dMDvultus software (3dMD, Atlanta) and differences were evaluated by using 6 linear and 6 angular measurements. The student test was used to evaluate both changes in lip position after debonding and reliability assessment.
Results: There were no statistically significant differences between the 2 repeated images. When pre-bonding and post-bonding images were analysed, it was found that only upper lip angle showed statistically significant decrease and other linear and angular measurements did not show any statistically significant differences.
Conclusion: Lip posture and perioral soft tissue were not affected by the removal of the fixed orthodontic attachments on the teeth.
Article: Three-Dimensional Evaluation of Changes in Lip Position for Before to After Debonding Procedure.
Authors: F Öztürk, M Ersöz, Y Çamili, E Hatunoğlu, S Altindiş, Inonu University, Malatya, Turkey.