Date: December 2016
Source: 2016 International Conference on 3D Body Scanning, Lugano, Switzerland.
Abstract: Suboptimal suit fit is a known risk factor for crew member shoulder injury. Suit fit assessment is however prohibitively time consuming and cannot be generalized across wide variations of body shapes and poses. In this work, we have developed a new design tool based on the statistical analysis of body shape scans. This tool is aimed at predicting the skin deformation and shape variations for any body size and shoulder pose for a target population. This new process, when incorporated with CAD software, will enable virtual suit fit assessments, predictively quantifying the contact volume, and clearance between the suit and body surface at reduced time and cost.
Article: A Parametric Model of Shoulder Articulation for Virtual Assessment of Space Suit Fit.
Authors: K. Han KIM, Karen S. YOUNG, Yaritza BERNAL, Abhishektha BOPPANA, Linh Q. VU, Elizabeth A. BENSON, Sarah JARVIS, Sudhakar L. RAJULU. NASA Johnson Space Center and Leidos, Inc., Houston, TX, USA.