Date: October 2014.
Source: 3D Body Scanning Conference 2014, Lugano, Switzerland.
Abstract: Three-dimensional (3D) imaging is finding increasing use in plastic surgery, both for breast reconstruction after oncologic surgery and for cosmetic augmentation/reduction procedures. The upright view image is conventionally used for surgical planning and outcome assessment. However, the inframammary fold (IMF), a critical landmark for breast surgery and morphometry, is typically occluded from the upright view in women with ptotic breasts. In this study we used a custom designed tilt imaging system (3dMD, Atlanta, Georgia) that enables the capture of 3D images in both the upright and supine position. Our results demonstrate that for 3D images of ptotic breasts, wherein only the lowest contour of the breast touching the abdomen is visible, we can employ multi-view 3D image data fusion to superimpose the position of the anatomical IMF from the supine position onto the image in the upright position. This approach thus enables the physician to visualize the position of the IMF in the upright images of women with high degrees () of breast ptosis.
Presentation: Multi-View 3D Data Fusion for Visualization of the Inframammary Fold.
Authors: Lijuan Zhao, Gregory P. Reece, Michelle C. Fingeret, Fatima Merchant.