The Latest Applications of Sequential-3D/4D in Medical Projects. C Lane.

Presentation: The Latest Applications of Sequential-3D/4D in Medical Projects
Presenter: Chris Lane, 3dMD
Source: 3D Body Scanning Conference, Lugano, Switzerland
Date: October 2014

Abstract: In 2011 3dMD and UNC Chapel Hill School of Dentistry was awarded a ground breaking US NIH Grant (STTR Grant No. 2R42DE019742-02) to study the facial dynamics of children who had received corrective treatment for facial conditions. The recruitment of over 100 treatment and 100 normative cases makes this the largest funded clinical study based on dense surface 4D capture. The talk will discuss the new generation 3dMDdynamic equipment developed to support the grant, the challenges and successes assimilating and interpreting the data and finally summarise the many commercial projects now underway to support other medical disciplines.