Date: November 27, 2000.
Source: Press Announcement

ATLANTA – 3dMD, a provider of 3-D surface imaging systems for healthcare, today announced that its DSP400 has been bought for use in the University of Washington Orthognathic Surgery Program’s upcoming quantitative research study. Led by the program’s three directors – Dr. Dale Bloomquist, Dr. Don Joondeph and Dr. Terry Wallen – this project is designed to give surgeons and orthodontists a better understanding of how soft tissue of the face is affected by jaw (orthognathic) surgery and associated orthodontic procedures.

“Currently, we have no problem measuring and assessing the changes of the facial skeleton through traditional X-rays,” said Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Dr. Dale Bloomquist. “The real challenge, until today, has been the ability to easily obtain accurate 3-D images of the facial surface, accurately measure these images, and assess the changes that occur after treatment.”

To collect data for the study, patients will have a 3-D surface image captured of their face, in addition to the traditional X-rays, both before and after the jaw operation. Afterwards 3-D surface images will continue to be taken, in conjunction with X-rays, to monitor changes and the esthetic effects of the treatment.

The program is looking to use the 3-D surface images to:

• take accurate measurements of the facial soft tissue changes that occur following either orthodontic treatment, or in conjunction with jaw surgery
• show patients the changes which have occurred since their treatment
• facilitate the development of software applications that can show patients the most likely result of the treatment, before the treatment begins

“A significant number of my patients want to know what they are going to look like when treatment is completed,” said Orthodontist, Dr. Don Joondeph. “By monitoring more than a thousand patients over approximately five years, we hope to eliminate much of the guesswork and give doctors a tool to better communicate to their patients what the end results will be. We have designed this study to facilitate more accurate projections in future treatment planning.”

About University of Washington’s Orthognathic Surgery Program
Established in the early 1970’s, the University of Washington’s Orthognathic Surgery Program has been an established leader in the area of medicine and dentistry. The program is presently led by three co-directors: Dr. Dale Bloomquist, Associate Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery; Dr. Don Joondeph, Associate Professor of Orthodontics; and Dr. Terry Wallen, Clinical Professor of Orthodontics.