Date: May 2001.
Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
Article: Atlanta-based 3dMD, which specializes in 3-D technology for health care, has launched its DSP800 device, a three-dimensional torso imager that should provide more information for patients seeking breast surgery.

“With current breast surgery consultations, plastic surgeons ask patients to provide them with photos of what they want, measure their breasts with a tape measure and make educated judgments with their eyes, hands and experience,” said Scott Newman, a plastic surgeon and 3dMD’s medical adviser.

“Now, with 3dMD’s DSP800 3-D torso imager, plastic surgeons are able to give women a better understanding of how their bodies look and could possibly look post-surgery, educating them about their procedure in a way never before possible,” he said.

The DSP800 will function as a tool for plastic surgeons, helping them to communicate in a three-dimensional environment with breast cancer survivors, women with asymmetrical breasts, men with gynecomastia and women deciding on whether cosmetic surgery is right for them, company officials said.