Date: August 2004.
Source: Press Announcement.
Headline: 3dMD Customer Arizona State University Enrolls More Than 500 Subjects for Biometrics Analysis and Authentication Research During SIGGRAPH 2004

Atlanta (13-August-2004): 3dMD, the world’s market leader in ultra-fast 3D surface imaging, today announced its customer’s success of scanning more than 500 faces at SIGGRAPH to build an extensive 3D database that will be the foundation for developing intelligent and fast algorithms for representation, extraction, segmentation, query and matching of 3D facial shapes for authentication. PRISM is the focal point at Arizona State University for interdisciplinary research in modeling and visualization to permit intelligent analysis and create spatial and dynamic knowledge.

Supported by a three year grant from the National Science Foundation, PRISM’s research initiative involves 3D face scanning using the 3dMDface System; post-processing the data; metric analysis of the 3D data files; logging of feature information and data file in an XML database structure; and then comparative analysis in test authentication scenarios.

“The PRISM team is committed to improving the quality of biometric matching technology. Early results have been very encouraging leading up to filing for a patent,” said Dr Anshuman Razdan, Director of PRISM and the Principal Investigator of the project. “SIGGRAPH presented an ideal opportunity to get the maximum value from 3dMD’s technology to collect a large and diverse database of co-operative subjects in the challenging environment of a major conference.”

“Producing accurate normative databases of subjects has been very difficult and time consuming in the past, often researchers have had to put up with serious motion artifacts” said Chris Lane, CEO of 3dMD. “The speed of 3dMD’s capture ensures accurate 3D models and given a good workflow process such as that employed by the PRISM team, hundreds of 3D images can be processed each day.”