Date: September 2004
Source: Press Announcement

ATLANTA – 3dMD LLC, a pioneer in medically precise, 3D photography of the human form, today announced a software license agreement with Houston-based Advanced Digital Imaging Research, LLC (ADIR) to integrate 3dMD’s 3D image acquisition technology into their new 3D Face Recognition product line. ADIR recently received a NIST-ATP grant award for “3D Face Recognition for Airport Security Screening.”

Propelling ADIR’s biometric business initiative, the worldwide software license provides ADIR with access to state-of-the-art intellectual property to strengthen its position in the rapidly growing biometric marketplace.

“We are excited about the opportunity to work with ADIR in the biometrics area,” said Chris Lane, 3dMD’s CEO. “Their digital imaging expertise in biomedical systems and proven track record in product development makes ADIR especially well-qualified to advance face recognition to the next stage.”

“We are very pleased to be able to use the 3dMD imaging technology in our biometric products and acknowledge the contribution 3dMD has made to the science of 3D imaging, especially as it relates to capturing human subjects,” said ADIR’s President, Kenneth Castleman, Ph.D. “We believe that using 3dMD’s high-resolution imaging component will provide ADIR’s products with new levels of face recognition accuracy. 3dMD’s technology provides a combination of speed and resolution that is unavailable in other systems.”


ADIR, a division of IRIS, International, Inc., is located in Houston, Texas and provides digital imaging technology for product development in biomedical and biometric markets. Additional information on ADIR and its technology can be found at