Date: Thursday, January 20, 2005 at 10 pm.
Source: ABC Primetime Live
Excerpt from: “Peter Jennings Reporting: No Place to Hide”

The segment starts with Mr Jennings getting his image captured with 3dMD’s system. His 3D image processes and is prominently displayed on the 3dMDface System, while Dr Joseph Atick gives his viewpoint on today’s biometrics industry.

“This is a capture device (referencing the 3dMDface System) that allows you to look at your face in more detail and understand what makes you unique. Who is Peter Jennings,” states Dr Atick.

“What is of interest to the computer are the landmarks – the top of the nose, the eyes. Typically, there are about 80 landmarks on the human face. And next, it establishes measurements between them – how far your eyes are apart from each other… how far are they relative to the tip of the nose? And that comes up with a mathematically equation that is essentially unique to you.” Dr Atick concludes, “And using information technologies available today allow us to improve our accuracy in determining your identity.”

“I can not imagine anything being more decisive than this. Am I right,” asked Peter Jennings while looking at his 3dMD image on the computer monitor.

And Dr Atick responded, “This is where the future is heading.”