Date: September 2005.
Source: Press Announcement.
ATLANTA – September 25, 2005 – 3dMD, the world’s market leader in highly precise, ultra-fast 3D surface imaging and 3D applications, is proud to announce the latest release of its 3D analysis software, 3dMDpatient™ v.3.0, which is a result of close cooperation with, and valuable feedback from, the global 3dMD user community.

With a proven 10-year track record of continuous product development and improvement, 3dMD has updated its analysis software application to maximize the value of its high precision (<0.5mm RMS), near instantaneous (1.5 milliseconds) 3D surface capture systems for its customers. 3dMDpatient™ v.3.0 functionality includes:

• Advanced landmarking and measurement calculation systems
• Measurement: surface/caliper distance and surface area
• Advanced volume calculation
• Angle measurement
• Registration with traditional and CBCT
• Visualization: Optional texture, wireframe, point cloud
• Symmetry assessment
• Pre- and post-operative comparison
• Automatic generation of standard sets of 2D profiles
• Automatic 3D model animation

The general release of its new 3dMDpatient v.3.0 is closely coupled with the general release earlier this year of our new 3dMDacquisition software, which is the foundation for all of 3dMD’s sophisticated 3D imaging systems.

“Daily use by some of the world’s leading institutions combined with 3dMD’s increasing investment in research and development enables 3dMD customers to benefit from a constantly advancing product set with electronic upgrades on a timely basis,” said Chris Lane, CEO of 3dMD. “With thought leaders driving our customer community, 3dMD’s long-term product evolution strategy is committed to working closely with these members to productize their requirements thus further enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their daily activities.”