Date: September 2005.
Source: Press Announcement.
ATLANTA – September 16, 2005 – 3dMD, the world’s market leader in highly precise, ultra-fast 3D surface imaging, is proud to announce its latest series of global customers to join its rapidly expanding community and some of the latest 3dMD customer activities.

With a proven 10-year track record of continuous product development and improvement, 3dMD is excited to report the following world-class institutions and practices have purchased systems from 3dMD.
• Procter & Gamble Company (Cincinnati, Ohio USA)
• Princess Margaret Hospital for Children (Perth, Australia)
• Royal Victoria Infirmary (Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK)
• University of Houston (Houston, Texas, USA)
• Martin Fine Orthodontics (Sydney, Australia)
• Otto Beck, Dr. med.dent. (Kingston, Jamaica)
• G William Arnett, DDS, FACD (Santa Barbara, California USA)
• Joe H Mayes, DDS, MSD (Lubbock, Texas, USA)

3dMD would like to congratulate the following 3dMD customers for their contributions to clinical research.

September 2005 – Presentation: 3D Soft Tissue Changes Associated with Mandibular Orthognathic Surgery; Authors: RE Alcalde, Z Lowe, D Joondeph, T Wallen, D Bloomquist (USA).
August 2005 – Presentation: 3D Facial Growth in Healthy Caucasian Infants; Authors: M Krimmel, T Schmieneberg, S Straqub-Duffner, M Breidt, H Bulthoff, V Blanz, C Scherbaum, S Reinhart (Germany).
July 2005 – Article: Three-Dimensional Nasal Changes Following Nasoalveolar Molding in Patients With Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate: Geometric Morphometrics; The Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal, Volume: 42, Issue: 4; Authors: G. Dave Singh, Daniel Levy-Bercowski, Pedro E. Santiago, Center for Craniofacial Disorders and School of Medicine, University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
May 2005 – John Valentine Mershon Memorial Lecture: Making Treatment Decisions to Maximize Facial Esthetics; Honorary lecture awarded; Donald R Joondeph, DDS, MS.
April 2005 – Presentation: Right-Sided Plagiocephaly Statistically More Common: Ratio Established at 2 to 1; Authors: Littlefield, Kelly, Hess, Pomatto (USA).
April 2005 – Presentation: Accuracy of Measurements Estimated by a Three-Dimensional Imaging Program; Authors: Henrichsen, Smith, Khajotia, University of Oklahoma.
April 2005 – Presentations: Cranial Remodeling Devices: Postoperative Applications; Authors: Littlefield, Kelly, Hess, Pomatto; Pre- and Post-Operative Use of Cranial Headbands in Craniopagus Twins; Authors: Pomatto, Littlefield, Christensen, Swift, Salyer
March 2005 – Poster: 3D Digital Photogrammetry Facial Evaluations in Noonan and Velocardiofacial Syndromes; Authors: Amy E. Roberts, Christine T. Finn, Taryn A. Schiripo, Raju S. Kucherlapati, and Curtis K. Deutsch (Harvard Medical School).

“Through the summer we have been delighted to see that first-rate organizations and practices worldwide have continued to select 3dMD’s products to reliably gather large amounts of highly precise anatomical data in their busy, high pressure environments,” said Chris Lane, CEO of 3dMD. “3dMD and its software application partners are continuously incorporating new usage functionality into commercially available packages to ensure that there is an ever increasing collection of very relevant functionality to apply and analyze 3D models on a routine basis in a clinical setting.”