Date: September 2005.
Source: Press Announcement.

BOSTON – Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions (, one of the world’s leading providers of high quality software solutions for the dental-specialty professions, and 3dMD (, the world’s market leader in highly precise, ultra-fast 3D surface imaging, today announced their partnership which exemplifies both companies commitment to providing an integrated, end-to-end 3D solution that transitions customers from Dolphin’s proven 2D image platform to a rapidly evolving, quantitative 3D paradigm. Dolphin and 3dMD will be offering this integrated solution at a special inclusive price to existing customers and attendees at the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS) Annual Meeting in Boston (September 22-24, 2005).

The comprehensive integration will enable 3dMD’s acquired surface data and analysis applications to upload into the new Dolphin 3D software suite. Therefore, clinicians will be able to seamlessly capture, archive, and analyze patient data in a user-friendly 3D environment designed for the daily routine of the practice.

“Working in a true 3D environment gives the surgeon an objective way of monitoring the patient throughout the treatment cycle,” said Chris Lane, CEO of 3dMD. “By co-operating closely, Dolphin and 3dMD have provided an easy pathway from the awkwardness and imprecision of conventional photography to the world of fast and accurate practice workflow for exploiting the power of 3D treatment planning.”

“We are excited for the recent surge in demand for three-dimensional imaging,” said Chester Wang, Managing Director of Dolphin. “Dolphin 3D allows the clinicians to gain immediate access to non-distorted, anatomically truthful information. And by integrating 3dMD’s surface scan with CT data, the combined rich dataset allows clinicians to diagnose with even more precision.”


About Dolphin
Headquartered in Southern California, Dolphin designs and markets its products for diagnostics, patient marketing and practice management throughout the United States and worldwide. The company currently supports nearly 3,500 dental-specialty practices around the globe, and it has an active academic program whereby selected products are donated to various educational programs. Presently, in about 100 schools in 150 programs worldwide such as orthodontics, maxillofacial surgery, pediatric dentistry and radiology are utilizing Dolphin software on a routine basis.