Date: November 2006.
Source: Press Announcement.

LONDON – Cavendish Imaging the leading service providers for head and neck imaging, digital treatment planning and anatomical models, announced the purchase of the 3dMDface System to add the latest in high precision 3D surface imaging to their pioneering portfolio of imaging service offerings.

This is the first time that an established, world-class 3D surface photography solution has been made readily available to the community on a service basis in London. Both 3dMD and Cavendish are committed to continuing to evolve their 3D surface imaging products and services to the ever increasing needs of the British dental and clinical communities.

“Cavendish Imaging has always been committed to providing the highest level of services to our referring practioners,” said Dr Andrew Dawood. “When we decided to add anatomical 3D photography to our imaging services, 3dMD was the obvious choice as they have more than 10 years of 3D experience and a proven commitment to customer support with a base of more than 125 3D systems sold worldwide. Synergy with our conebeam CT system makes 3dMD the obvious choice”.

“Partnering with an established, reputable service provider such as Cavendish Imaging in an influential community such as London is very exciting for 3dMD,” said Chris Lane, CEO of 3dMD. “Cavendish Imaging will enable surgeons and dental practitioners to easily and economically gain benefit from incorporating 3D surface images into their treatment planning, surgical simulation, and outcome evaluation protocols.”


About Cavendish Imaging
Located at 45 Wimpole Street in the heart of the medical district in London’s West End, Cavendish Imaging ( provides the dental and medical communities with unparalleled imaging and digital treatment planning services and anatomical model outputs generated from the latest 3D imaging devices such as the low-emission conebeam CT system from Imaging Sciences (i-CAT) and the optical-based surface imaging device from 3dMD (3dMDface System).