Date: May 2007.
Source: Press Announcement

SEATTLE – May 18, 2007 – 3dMD, the world’s market leader in 3D surface imaging in healthcare, announced its new 3dMDvultus Software, which is a sophisticated real-time 3D volumetric imaging and simulation software for patient measurement, evaluation, planning, and outcome simulation at the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) 107th Annual Session in Seattle (May 19-22, 2007) – Booth #1526. To deliver this powerful platform, 3dMD has worked with an internationally recognized team of surgeons, dental specialists, and computer technologists.

With a proven 11-year track record of 3D product development, 3dMD provides 3dMDvultus users with a very rich and customizable 3D patient treatment platform that is easy-to-use built on an industrial-strength communication platform. 3dMDvultus supports a new generation of treatment tools that simulate hard and soft tissue outcomes using the patient’s fused image (CT/CBCT/3dMD/etc.) as the anatomical foundation. This patient foundation will be accessible over a secure link to each member on the treatment team so there is constant access to patient anatomical information throughout the treatment cycle.

“The recent widespread adoption of 3D imaging has created an important need for a powerful, easy to use software environment that not only gives the user all of the accuracy advantages associated with the patient’s 3D data, it must improve workflow and facilitate communications within the community and between members in the dental community,” stated Dr David Hatcher, a world recognized Oral & Maxillofacial radiologist based in Sacramento ( “The approach 3dMD has taken in the 3dMDvultus software is profound because it goes beyond visualization of the registered anatomical truth, it focuses is on the biomechanical truth of the patient’s fused 3dMD/CBCT image to simulate treatment or surgical options and measure outcome success.”

“I have dedicated much of my medical career to understanding and working on the underlying biomechanical properties behind 3dMDvultus, said Professor Stephen Schendel, Stanford University Medical Center. “I truly believe that this type of software will lead to a greater responsibility in determining and setting patient treatment gold standards for the medical and dental communities.”

“In the next few years, the dental community will experience a revolutionary change in the way their vendors provide software as there is a new manifesto in motion for providing sophisticated application software in an interactive, online community environment,” stated Chris Lane, CEO of 3dMD. “With all of the advantage improved communications could offer patient care, 3dMDvultus adopted this paradigm from the outset with the patient’s visual anatomical information as the treatment and communications foundation. 3dMD believes this approach will lead to a rapid acceleration in sharing and evaluating orthodontic treatment techniques and significant economies when between the practice and their suppliers.”