Ultra-fast 3dMD surface scanning for the full 360-degree human body

Lugano, Switzerland –  16 October 2012 – 3dMD announces the launch of its latest generation 3dMDbody System to provide organizations with the ability to capture human subjects from head to toe in a wide variety of poses and postures for high-precision size and shape assessment and analysis. No longer will subjects have to stand completely motionless in an arbitrary anthropometric pose with their arms out to the side, since the 3dMDbody System is engineered as a modular, fully customizable system that can be configured to capture most any subject pose from crouching to jumping.
Having demonstrated its first full body scanner in 2001, 3dMD is now proud to showcase its customers’ body capture initiatives this year at the “International 3D Body Scanning Technologies” conference in Lugano, Switzerland.
Leading research institutions such as the Max Planck Institute in Germany are using 3dMD’s modular approach to push the understanding of the human shape past the traditionally-scanned standard anthropometric pose. Using a collection of transportable 3dMDbody Systems, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base has implemented a human factors program digitally capturing the size and shape of U.S. pilots to ergonomically design cockpits of the future. The U.S. Army Natick Soldier Center in collaboration with Quantico Marine Base is using 3dMDbody Systems to research and develop a new generation of battlefield vehicles.
While the 3dMDbody System is the proven choice for basic anthropometric shape capture for application in the areas of size and fit for clothing/accessories, ergonomic design, as well as diet and fitness monitoring, 3dMD’s modular approach has enabled it to extend from 8 to 22 camera-viewpoint systems with a 1.5 millisecond capture speed.

  • Coverage: 360-degree capture of body from head to toe
  • Capture speed: ~1.5 milliseconds at highest resolution
  • Geometry Generation: One continuous point cloud produced from the four or eight stereo camera viewpoints, which eliminates the data errors associated with merging / stitching data sets together
  • Option for simultaneous acquisition of geometry and high resolution texture or geometry only
  • Lighting requirements: operates in standard lab/office lighting conditions
  • Assembly & calibration require less than 2 hours

For more information about the 3dMDbody System, please visit www.3dMD.com.
About 3dMD
With a proven customer track record in leading teaching institutions, research institutes, hospitals, and government agencies worldwide, 3dMD manufactures and markets non-invasive, high-precision 3D surface imaging systems and sophisticated simulation software with an inter-disciplinary patient treatment approach. 3dMD’s ultra-fast (1.5 milliseconds) technique for capturing living, breathing human subjects delivers the degree of anatomical precision required for medical, dental, biometrics, ergonomic, human factor, and research application. www.3dMD.com