Date: September 2015.
Source: 8th International Orthodontic Congress 2015, London.
Study Aims: To analyse the facial features associated with hypodontia using 3D surface imaging and establish the effect of its severity on facial morphology.
Method: A study group of 70 hypodontia patients and a control group of 40 Class I patients were recruited to allow comparison of facial features. A 3dMD camera was used for image acquisition and a customized software program was employed to identify key facial landmarks and to create composite images of the facial features depending on the severity of the hypodontia.
Poster: 078. Analysis of Characteristic Facial Features in Patients with Hypodontia using Three-Dimensional Imaging.
Authors: S Ani, J Collins, S Cunningham, C Ruff. UCL Eastman Dental Institute and UCLH Foundation Trust, London.