Date: February 2005.
Source: Press Announcement.

3dMD, the world’s market leader in ultra-fast 3D surface imaging, is proud to announce the official launch of its production 4D technology-based 3dMDface Dynamic System of which the first was delivered and commissioned to Cardiff University in January 2005. This latest generation “4D system” is the first commercially available product that combines the element of time with the rapid generation of medically accurate 3D surface models.

Cardiff University is producing a state-of-the-art facial animation system that realistically simulates facial movements, positions, and postures based on speech audio input. Cardiff’s highly advanced software is continually learning the facial dynamics associated with a speaker and applying this quantifiable knowledge to synthesize realistic facial animations.

As this project is based on formulating tight associations between visual parameters and audio parameters, Cardiff University purchased the 3dMDface Dynamic System to provide them with the benefits associated with simultaneously capturing high quality geometry and texture data of the subject at high frame rates. Unlike 2D video, Cardiff believes that 3dMD’s 3D data will provide the next level of detail required to determine and quantify emotional expressions and subtle nuances that happen during speech.

“For the last couple of years, Cardiff University has been very focused on creating sophisticated voice-driven animation models for multimedia application,” said Dr David Marshall of the Department of Computer Science at Cardiff University in Cardiff, Wales, UK. “Having pushed the limits with 2D video, our team started looking for a multi-frame, 3D facial capture solution. After evaluating embryonic technologies from a number of sources, we concluded that 3dMD has the only proven multi-frame 3D product available.”

“3dMD proved that its extensive software libraries contained the functionality to easily handle multiple frame rates with an innovative demonstration for a Hollywood studio in the summer of 2002,” said 3dMD’s CEO Chris Lane. “Now after two years of extensive software engineering, our latest generation 3dMDface Dynamic System is positioned to have a very positive impact on a number of profound research initiatives around the world.”


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