Date: October 2015.
Source: Press Announcement.

ATLANTA. 3dMD has introduced a new company tagline which we believe reflects our progress during the past 15 years. From the outset, 3dMD’s goal was to freeze a 3D instance in time for a living person to support a wide range of activities from corrective healthcare through personal security, entertainment, and size and fit.

In 2005 we added an important new perspective…TIME… allowing 3D instances of LIFE to be recorded over TIME. 3dMD released the world’s first commercially-available temporal-3D dense surface imaging system to support research at Cardiff University.

Through the years our temporal-3D technology has continued to develop, and in January 2014 3dMD installed the world’s first dense-surface, high-frame rate, 3D body imaging system at the Max Planck Institute in Tübingen, Germany (MPI).

The system architecture developed from the MPI project is now being deployed in many world-class organizations, which are leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the area of wearable technologies and intelligent fabrics. At the same time 3dMD’s technology is opening new frontiers in our traditional life sciences market.

All this has been achieved because, since its birth, 3dMD has remained focused on only the development of 3D imaging of people – quite literally a LIFETIME in 3D.